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 on: July 06, 2010, 09:49:24 AM 
Started by Tom Means - Last post by Tom Means
The N.E.W.C. will be holding their 3rd event for the season on Lake Erie July 24th, 2010. The event will launch on Saturday with Sunday being a blow day.

The event is held on in North East Pa, and Launches out of the North East Marina. All teams are required to start and end out of the Marina, but boats that are docked at other marinas may boat to North east Marina before take off in the morning, under go their fair play inspection, and then will be released with all other teams at the start of the event.

Tournament boundaries will again be "all U.S. waters"! You may "not" fish Canadian waters! Included in the U.S. waters is N.Y., Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Last years event saw teams running long distances covering waters from Dunkirk, N.Y., to deep into Ohio, but as the case every year to date, the winner of our event caught their fish just a few miles from the ramp on the edge of the mountain, right in front of the launch site.

This event is the biggest event of the season, and will be considered full at only 60 teams!

Payouts with a full field:
1st Place - $ 5000.00
Big Fish - $ 1,200.00

Entries will be accepted at the rules Meeting on Friday evening from 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm at the North East Marina, however pre registration is highly recommended for guaranteed entry into this event, as well as extremely appreciated!!!

Entry Fee for the event is only $260.00 and includes entry into the big fish pot.

Please note the following:
- You must have a valid Pa fishing license to participate in the event. A one day license is OK, and Licenses are available at the marina.
- This is a harvest tournament, their is no penalty for dead fish.
- We will again be donating the fish from the event to the D.A.V. Fish dinner. Their will be a couple representatives fishing this years event who will be accepting the fish. Great cause and we thank them!
- You may submit your entry with just a $ 100.00 deposit to guarantee your entry. Payment in full due at the rules meeting.
- The rules meeting is not mandatory.
- The event consists of 2 person teams, however you may fish by yourself if desired.

For more information call Tom Means at (814) 362-1423 or e-mail me at tgmeans@earthlink.net.

For entry forms go to our website and down load a entry form at www.neweasternwalleyecircuit.com

 on: June 30, 2010, 06:55:16 AM 
Started by Tom Means - Last post by MR ED
Melissa and I took the plunge and fished this event.  Although this was the first time on Oneida, we had fun and we also got skunked.  Meet some nice  people and may even try it again.  Thanks Tom,for a geat experience.  You always put on a great event.  Lookinng forward to Erie event...  if the wind doesn't blow too hard.    Smiley   Smiley

 on: June 29, 2010, 07:04:24 PM 
Started by Tom Means - Last post by Tom Means
This past Sunday the N.E.W.C. held their second event for the 2010 season on N.Y. State's Premier inland walleye lake, Oneida Lake.

Over the past four years, this lake has given up dozens of legal eye's to most teams every day , but not this year. The common comment this weekend was BAIT, BAIT, BAIT, and more Bait. The lake is experiencing a massive hatch / hatches of bait, and while the fish are fat and healthy, they are also full. Bait schools that measure 5 ft thick, 100 yds wide and 100 yds long was a common picture on most screens, and if that wasn't enough, at the same time most of the lakes surface is also solid with bait. Both bass as well as eyes were observed by most teams swirling on top of the water feeding at will, and certainly making things challenging for the anglers.

Anglers faced a tuff pre fish, and used every technique they could think of to fire up the eye's. Even with the tuff conditions, and a sudden wind change from West during practice, to East during the event, 1/2 the fied still managed to bring a full basket to the scale.

Mike Fleming and Ed Smelkoff claimed the top spot bringing in a five fish limit weighing 12.47 pounds. This was their first win fishing the N.E.W.C., and after handing them an envelope full of cash, to say they were happy would be an understatement.

Second place saw two teams tied with a weight of 11.57 pounds. Greg and Harry Tesch quite an hour early due to the heat, and brought 4 fish to the scale, while Jason Noble and Gary Stasonis brought a five fish limit in.

Fourth Place went toJohn Giannuzzi and Sean Sweeney with 5 fish weighing 11.22 pounds, and fifth place went to Kevin O'malley and Mike Holtsmaster with 5 fish weighing 11.16 pounds.

Big fish for the event went to Jason Noble and Gary Stasonis weighing 4.5 pounds.

Top Ten:
1. M. Fleming - E. Smelkoff - 5 fish - 12.47 lbs
2. G. & H. Tesch - 4 fish - 11.57 lbs
2. J. Noble - G. Stasonis - 5 fish - 11.57 lbs
4. J. Giannuzzi - S. Sweeney - 5 fish - 11.22 lbs
5. K. O'malley - M. Holtsmaster - 5 fish - 11.16 lbs
6. J. Fornito - T. Fornito - 5 fish - 10.93 lbs
7. L. Mnich - D. Klock - 5 fish - 10.70 lbs
8. C. Scriba - A. Zukovsky - 5 fish - 10.45 lbs
9. T. Zampogna - T. Moonan - 5 fish - 10.09 lbs
10. L. Johnson - J. Lawrence - 5 fish - 9.61 lbs

Big Fish:
J. Noble - G. Stasonis - 4.50 lbs

The next N.E.W.C. event will be held on Saturday, July 24th. The event is on Lake Erie, and will be launching out of North East, Pa. Anglers may fish ""All" U.S.A. waters. This is a harvest tournament, and all fish will be donated to the D.A.V. for their Annual D.A.V. Dinner. The N.E.W.C. is proud to be able to continue to help out our Brave Veterans!!!

We are excepting entries now for the event, and the event will be a full field with only 60 teams!!! To guarentee your entry into this event you need to mail in your entry form with at least a $ 100.00 deposit immediately. Entry forms can be down loaded from our web site at www.neweasternwalleyecircuit.com or e-mail me at tgmeans@earthlink.net.

Please note that all anglers must have a valid Pennsylvania fishing license to enter this event, even if you plan on fishing during the tournament in NY, or Ohio. A 1 day license is exceptable for the day of the event. Licenses are available on site at the North East Marina.

This is our largest event for the season, and as great as the fishing is already this year on our end of the lake, it will fill up fast.

Just a reminder to all anglers. The winner of our Championships in September will recieve a 2011 Qualifier to the Cabelas National Team Champiopnships if qualified. In order to be eligible for this event you must have fished 1 other of the N.E.W.C. events this year. Our Erie event is the last chance before the Championships, so don't wait to enter, it will most likely be filled before the rules meeting.

Tom Means

 on: June 21, 2010, 01:33:52 PM 
Started by Tom Means - Last post by Tom Means
The N.E.W.C. will be holding a registration and rules meeting from 6:00 - 6:30 pm this Saturday evening June 26th at the Gander Mountain located only minutes from the ramp.

Any one needing to pay their remaining entry balance, or any one needing to sign up may do so at this time.

Any questions call me at (814) 362-1423, or e-mail me at tgmeans@earthlink.net. Starting Friday from noon - 6:00 pm, I might be unreachable at the above. Starting Friday evening at 6:00 pm till the tournament is over, I can be reach by cell phone at (814) 331-3112. I will not be receiving any e-mail after I leave for the event on Friday.

Looking forward to seeing every one this weekend.

Tom Means

 on: June 21, 2010, 01:32:47 PM 
Started by Tom Means - Last post by Tom Means

Yes, you can sign up at the meeting.

 on: June 21, 2010, 06:40:02 AM 
Started by Tom Means - Last post by CNY Lee
Will I be able to sign up at the rules meeting on Saturday?  My partner isn't sure and won't know until Wednesday whether or not if he'll be able to fish.   What do the numbers look like?


 on: June 15, 2010, 09:14:35 AM 
Started by Tom Means - Last post by Tom Means
Just got off the phone with 3 teams wanting to sign up for the event. It seems that a sporting goods store on Oneida Lake has been telling everyone that it is to late to sign up for the event.


Early sign up deadline was a week ago as stated on posters, but you may still sign up.

After last nights and today's phone calls, these teams will put us at a half full event.

We will only be  excepting 60 teams, and this is always our biggest event for the season.

Don't wait till the last minute, get your apps in the mail today to guarentee your entry.

You can download our apps from our website at www.neweasternwalleyecircuit.com.

Any questions e-mail me at tgmeans@earthlink.net.

 on: June 06, 2010, 04:43:56 PM 
Started by jtwigs - Last post by jtwigs
Lynn/Nate Smith - 21st and Doug Yohe/Tim Waltz - 40th were the highest placing teams on Winnebago. 

 on: May 26, 2010, 08:38:46 AM 
Started by Tom Means - Last post by Tom Means

The N.E.W.C. will be holding our next event, the 5th Annual "Open" Walleye Tournament on Sunday June 27th, on Oneida Lake.

This Annual event is open for any one wishing to enter.

The Tournament will be launching out of Oneida Shores Boat Ramp. Safety inspections will be from 6:00 - 6:45 am, and tournament hours will be from 7:00 - 3:30 pm.

With 60 teams, this event pays $5,000.00 for 1st place, and $ 1,200.00 for the biggest walleye for the event. Entry Fee for the event is only $260.00 per 2 person team. Plaques and Prize money will be paid to the top 5 teams.

Early Entry deadline is entries postmarked by June 5th, with at least a $100.00 deposit.

For more information and to down load our entry form, please go to our website at www.neweasternwalleyecircuit.com or call tournament director at (814) 362-1423.

 on: May 24, 2010, 11:41:42 AM 
Started by Tom Means - Last post by Tom Means
This past Sunday anglers were finally treated to a day of great weather for the 2nd event of the season on the Kinzua Reservoir.

Anglers pre fishing this event were having a great time catching eye's on the Zoo until a bug hatch showed up during the tournament, forcing teams to search out the roaming eye's.

Teams didn't disappoint the crowd at the weigh ins with 15 teams catching a tourney limit 5 fish, and 5 more teams brought in 4 fish apiece to make placing in this event quite challenging.

Besting the field with their basket of fish to claim their first victory in the Northern Tier inc.- Kinzua Outdoors Charity Walleye Circuit was the Husband and wife team of Terry (aka Cubby) & Tracy Stewart.

After the weigh ins, Cubby explained how they had their 4 fish, but struggled all day to get their 5 fish. The team decided to go back to where they had caught their first fish of the day, dropped their lines in, with only 4 minutes to fish, and hooked up with their 5th keeper of the day.

The first team to weigh in for the day, brothers Chuck & Wayne Hoyt set the bar pretty high, and ended up tieing for 4th place with only 4 keepers, and landing the biggest fish of the day.

Top Ten:
1.   Cubby & Tracy Stewart - 5 fish - 8.29 lbs
2.   Joe Papalia - Chris Striech - 5 fish - 7.36 lbs
3.   Les Simonds - Steve Colosimo - 5 fish - 7.25 lbs
4.   Wayne & Chuck Hoyt - 4 fish - 7.02 lbs
4.   DeWayne Cawley - Steve Colley - 5 fish - 7.02 lbs
6.   Brian Hoffner - Kevin Perryman - 5 fish - 6.73 lbs
7.   Kevin & Phil Hinds - 5 fish - 6.70 lbs
8.   Terry Zampogna - Tony Avenali - 5 fish - 6.59 lbs
9.   Frank & Andy Mausser - 5 fish - 6.53 ppounds
10. Lohn McDonald Jr. & Sr. - 5 fish - 6.34 lbs

Big Fish: Wayne & Chuck Hoyt - 2.69 pounds

The event saw 122 fish caught with 103 released back into the lake healthy and ready to play another day. The average fish weight was 1.32 lbs per fish for the event.

Next events will be our Annual "Take a Vet" fishing event on Saturday August 14th, and Our Annual "Kids" Fishing Tournament on Sunday August 15th. Please note that the "Take a vet" event allows anyone who has or is currently serving in our armed forces to participate in the event.

Any one wanting to donate / sponsor the Kids or Vets event, or willing to bring a dish for the buffet table please get in touch with me asap at (814) 362-1423.

Any vet who is in need of a ride for the "Take a Vet" event please call me asap as I have boaters willing to take out vets.

Thank you to all our sponsors and helpers, and please let us know as early as possible who is planning on attending any of our remaining events. We really need to know to plan on how much food we need to order and also have donated.

Thank You,
Tom Means

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