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 on: January 28, 2013, 08:23:46 AM 
Started by kinzua - Last post by kinzua
Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the forum has had issue lately because of users trying to post malicious links and it is recommended that you change your password to enter the forum as soon as you can to avoid any further security issues.

Best Regards,
Innervision Design

 on: February 16, 2012, 09:18:27 AM 
Started by Tom Means - Last post by Tom Means
The N.E.W.C. Walleye circuit will once again be running a Early bird registration promotion again this year.

The details are up on the website www.neweasternwalleyecircuit.com and we will continue to upgrade the incentives as we are able to.

*I have contacterd our web person to fix the dollar amounts listed, appently they didn't want to add the decimal.

The Early entry fee is $200.00 by April 1st.

Thank you,
Tom Means

 on: November 17, 2011, 08:40:18 AM 
Started by Tom Means - Last post by MR ED
Tom,  Any news about the banquet???   Time, place and $$$.  Hoping to attend.

How about Tourney dates?  Anything that we can make plans around any certain dates??  Any "projected" date for North East?HuhHuh??

 on: October 11, 2011, 08:12:46 AM 
Started by Tom Means - Last post by Tom Means
This past Sunday Kinzua Outdoors finished off a great season with a record number of teams, a nice crowd of spectators, and beautiful weather, that allowed anglers to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the turning leaves on the mountains that surround the mighty Kinzua Reservoir.

Starting off the weigh ins in a big way was the team of Al Lockwood and John Maholic. They brought in a 5 fish limit of eyes that weighed 10.71 pounds, and included the days biggest walleye of 4.05 pounds.

As the crowed finished cheering for Al and John a few more teams weighed in with smaller bags of Bass and Walleye, until the father / son team of Glenn and Mathew Bosser brought up a big bag of eyes. Anchored by a pair of 3 pounders, their 5 fish weighed in at 12.55 pounds putting them firmly in the lead on the walleye side, but they were not done yet. Holding a bag of Bass was Nicholas Bosser who brought them up to the scale. After weighing them they had another nice weight of 9.77 pounds, temporarily putting them in the lead for the Bass category as well.

Several more teams brought up smaller bags of fish until The Bass legend Jack Bell stepped to the scale. The father / son team didn't disappoint the crowd when they pulled a whopper out of their bag that tipped the scale at 3.89 pounds and was good enough for the big Bass of the day and a total weight that put them firmly in the lead of 13.81 pounds.

Setting the bar very high, we had a couple more teams that were ready to challenge the lead for the bass category.

Stepping to the scales were Harry Whitemore and Jeff Baur with a big basket of bass. While every one was wondering if they had enough to over take the Bell's, they pulled their big bass out and put it on the scale weighing 3.21 pounds, and a total weight of 13.20 pounds, just missing taking over the lead, but received a large cheer from the crowed.

After seeing that big bag of Bass father / son team of Ron Terwilliger and John David Terwilliger brought another big bag of Bass to the scale. With the crowd cheering them on John placed the big Bass on the scale. When the scale settled it weighed 3.24 pounds, and a total weight of 13.02 pounds.

Several more teams brought their fish to the scale. With the Bass side firmly wrapped up, their was still a question if any one else could top the walleye weight, or at least fight it out for second place. With the remaining teams left to weigh in, there were two that every one was still waiting to see.

Up next was Darrin Pound with legendary Bob (silver buddy)Tingley. Bob is known for bringing in the big eyes for this event every year, but this year the team had their 5 nice fish, but were missing their kicker. When the scale settled they had 10.04 pounds. On most tourney days this would be enough for the win, but today it would put them in 3rd.

With all the other teams weighed in, Jerry Kelley brought up the last limit of eyes for the day. When the scale settled the team of Tom Means and Jerry Kelly weighed 5 eyes for 9.37 pounds, also missing the nice kicker.

Top 5 Bass:
1. Jack Bell Sr. - Jack Bell Jr. - 5 Bass 13.81 pounds
2. Harry Whitemore - Jeff Baur - 5 Bass 13.20 pounds
3. Ron Terwilliger - John David Terwilliger 5 Bass 13.02 pounds
4. Glenn Bosser - Mathew Bosser - 5 Bass 9.77 pounds
5. John Petruzzi - Joe Nuzzo - 3 Bass 5.56 pounds
Big Bass: Jack Bell Sr. - Jack Bell Jr. - 3.89 pounds

Top 5 Walleye:
1. Glenn Bosser - Mathew Bosser - 5 walleye - 12.55 pounds
2. Al Lockwood - John Maholic - 5 walleye - 10.71 pounds
3. Bob Tingley - Darrin Pound - 5 walleye - 10.04 pounds
4. Tom Means - Jerry Kelley - 5 walleye - 9.37 pounds
5. Mike Maholic - Brock Haven - 5 Walleye - 6.93 pounds
Big Walleye: Al Lockwood - John Maholic - 4.05 pounds

I would like to thank all the teams this year for participating and making this our best year yet.

I would like to thank our following 2011 season sponsors:

Title sponsor: Bradford Fraternal Order of Eagles # 2432
Beverage Sponsor: Crescent Beer
Plaque Sponsor: Fairway Ford
Host Site: Corydon Hotel
Dick Moore, Case Cutlery, Hook - Line - Sinker, Grizzly Gary, Allegheny Site Management, Bradford Beverage, Off Shore Tackle, Reef Runner, Sportsman Outlet.

All the sponsors of our Kids, Vets, and Women's events.

Special thank you to:
Sue Wilcox, Assistant Director
Carol Marcus for organizing all the food.
Lindsey Shine Score Keeper / assistant organizer
Chip and Betsy
Jim and Barb Wilcox
All the woman for the food donations, guys for helping with set up / tear down, chicken cookers, etc.

Thank you to every one I haven't mentioned!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are planning this years 2ND Annual awards Banquet to be the 1st Saturday in February, February 4Th. Last years first event was a standing room only, so please start letting me know who is planning on coming.

We will announce more details later as far as how much, where, etc.

Also we plan on making this one of our fund raisers, we will be doing multiple 50/50, prize raffles, and possibly some auctions. There will also be nice door prizes. Plan on being there.

Thank you all for a great season, stay safe!

Tom Means

 on: October 06, 2011, 03:03:09 PM 
Started by Tom Means - Last post by Tom Means
Kinzua Outdoors will be running their Annual Fall Fest Bass & Walleye tournament this Sunday October 9th out of Willow Bay.

Teams are eligible to win both categories.

Tournament hours are from 7:30 - 3:30. We will be at willow bay starting at 6:45 to sign up teams for the last event of the season.

Come join us for this great event, or come watch the weigh ins at the Corydon Volunteer Fire Department. Weigh ins start at 3:45, with refreshments available.

For more info call Tom Means at (814) 3692-1423

 on: September 14, 2011, 10:56:51 AM 
Started by Tom Means - Last post by Tom Means
 Sabatose - Pendleton : walleye recking machines
This past weekend both the Kinzua Outdoors and the N.E.W.C. held their Walleye Championships on the Kinzua Reservoir. Fishing this time of year during the transition bite is usually tuff and challenging for most teams, you need to constantly be changing presentations and locations during each day to retarget fish and trigger their strikes. This past weekend was no different, with teams having great pre fishing for both numbers of fish, and big fish, but come tourney days, it was quite a different story for most.

The team of Chuck Sabatose and John Pendleton (S & P) was one team that really stayed aggressive and keyed in on the little details. Leaving there best spot on Saturday after cathing 27 keepers (and they were still biting) to allow another team to pull their limit was a class act that might have cost them a 1st place finish that day, finishing .02 pounds behind DeWayne Cawley and Mark Terwilliger who took top honors that day with a weight of 8.56 pounds. Speaking with Chuck and John that evening they were confident they had things figured out, but would the fish stay put, or would they need to find other winning fish.

Sunday afternoon teams started arriving to the weigh in, and it was becoming apparent that it was again another tuff day on the water, but rumors of some big baskets were filtering through the crowd. We had a tight grop of great anglers on top from the day before, and two different battles for team of the year in each circuit was also taking place. The interesting part about this battle is there was one team that was involved in both battles, Sabatose and Pendleton.

Sabatose and Pendleton were trailing Hind and Hind (Pound) by 26 points in the Kinzua Outdoors T.O.Y. race, and in the N.E.W.C. circuit they were trailing the Greczyns. The N.E.W.C. event was a two day combined weight total event, and several things needed to happen to give Sabatose and Pendleton (S & P) a chance to win. If the Greczyns caught no fish S & P could finish in second place and win by two points. If the greczyns caught 4 fish S& P could still take T.O.Y. honors with a second place and big fish.Give the Greczyns a 10 place fish and S & P would need to winn the event with the same other math involved.

As it turned out therE were enough teams to allow for a gap in finishes, and the Greczyns only weighed 1 fish the first day, leaving a glimmer of hope for S & P. This excitement made for a great event, and the entire crowd were standing on their feet closely watching the weigh ins.

On Saturday teams that finished in the top ten were:
1. D. Cawley - M. Terwiliger 5 fish 8.56 pounds
2. C. Sabatose - J. Pendleton 5 fish 8.54 pounds
3. K. Hind - D. Pound 5 fish 8.42 pounds
4. M. Maholic - B. Haven 5 fish 8.24 pounds
5. L. Johnson - J. Lawrence 5 fish 7.64 pounds
6. D. Yohe - R. Rhoades 5 fish 7.24 pounds
7. L. - N. Smith 5 fish 7.00 pounds
8. F - D Mausser 5 fish 6.98 pounds
9. R - M Kemick 5 fish 6.71 pounds
10. R. Fike - R. Rieger 4 fish 6.24 pounds
Big Fish - Fike - Rieger - 2.51 pounds

There was 10 limits weighed, and 7 fish over 2 pounds.

On Sunday after several teams had weighed in, we finally had the team of Hind and Pound pull up to the stage. Rumors of a big fish and a big basket for this team would finally be answered when they pulled a 3.99 pound beauty from their live well, and 4 more eyes that totaled 10.93 pounds. With only a handfull of teams left to weigh in it looked as if they would take top honors for that day, big fish , and T.O.Y.

Every one was asking about S & P, where were they, what did they have. One team let us know they actually confirmed that S & P came in a little early, only to find out they needed to change a trailor tire, and fix their brakes.

Finally we were down to the last three teams to weigh in with S & P up first. Riding in the back of the boat while being pulled up to the stage sat a smiling Chuck Sabatose. I said he needed a huge basket, and he needed a 4 pounder for big fish, he kept smiling. As the crowed silenced and crowded the caution tape line to get a glimpse of what Chuck was about to pull out of his live well, I told him to pull out his big fish. Chuck place a large Eye in the basket, and I asked if it was his biggest one, he replied I think so but I am not sure, so one at a time he started to pull large eyes out of the Live well. After the third fish was pulled out the crowd was going crazy cheering him on knowing they were in a tight race.

Would it be enough to over take Hind - Pound, how about the Greczyns who weighed in 5 fish this day, and 6 for two days.

As the scale settled their big fish weighed 3.78 pounds, just missing the big fish mark. As we place all 5 fish on the scale, it weighed a whopping 13.67 pounds, and the crowed errupted cheering them on, not only for the great basket, but every one knew how hard Chuck had worked at this for this event.

One more team weighed in, then the last team came in. After all the excitement what could be left.

The team of Frank & Doug Mausser pulled up to the stage smiling, but they only had 2 fish. When they pulled the second fish from the live well, the crowd errupted again. After weighing the fish, it tipped the scales at 5.02 pounds, enough to take Big fish honors for the day.

On Sunday teams that finished in the Top 10:
1. C. Sabatose - J. Pendleton 5 fish 13.67 pounds
2. K. Hind - D. Pound 5 fish 10.93 ponds
3. M. Maholic - B. Haven 5 fish 8.66 pounds
4. L. - N. Smith 5 fish 8.30 pounds
5. D. Cawley - M. Terwilliger 5 fish 8.00 pounds
6. R. & M. Kemick 5 fish 7.54 pounds
7. S. Hotteling - M. Smith 5 fish 6.52 pounds
8. B. & L. Greczyn 5 fish 6.36 pounds
9. M. Alviti - P. Ambrose 4 fish 6.28 pounds
10. F. & D. Mausser 2 fish 6.25 pounds
Big Fish - Maussers - 5.02 pounds

There was 10 limits caught, and 13 fish over two pounds, and 4 over3 pounds weighed.

Top 5 overall:
Champion: Chuck Sabatose - John Pendleton - 10 fish - 22.21 pounds
Runner up: Kevin Hind - Darrin Pound - 10 fish - 19.35 pounds
3. Mike Maholic - Brock Haven - 10 fish - 16.90 pounds
4. DeWayne Cawley - Mark Terwilliger - 10 fish - 16.56 pounds
5. Lynn & Nate Smith - 10 fish - 15.30 pounds

Kinzua Outdoors year end:

T.O.Y. Kevin Hind - Phil Hind - Darrin Pound - 847 points
Runner up Chuck Sabatose - John Pendleton - 831 points
3. Dewayne Cawley - Mark Terwilliger - 732 points
4. Mike Maholic - Brock Haven - 716 points
5. Bill & Linda Greczyn - 703 POINTS
6. Rob & Mike Kemick - 702 POINTS
7. Frank & Doug Mausser - 694 points
8. Richard Fike - Ryan Rieger - 693 points
9. Lynn & Nate Smith - 681 points
10. Rob & Bob Yohe - 670 points

Team of Year: Chuck Sabatose - John Pendleton - 873 points
Runner up : Bill & Linda Greczyn - 867 points

This years Championships had a great turn out with both teams and spectators, food and beverages and Chicken BBQ.

Special Thank you to Bradford Eagles Club - Title Sponsor

Fairway ford, Crescent Beer, Case Cutlery, Northern Tier, Bradford Beverage, Allegany Site Management.

Very special Thank you to: Corydon Hotel, Chip & Betsy, Carol & Steve Marcus, Sue, Jim, Barb Wilcox, Lindsey Shine, Maria Blume, Brandi Franco, all the food donations and helpers I forgot.

Chicken BBQ Workers: Rob Yohe, Neal Tambash, Neal Vinca, "Cooker - Dave Lechiarra"

Our last event is Sunday October 9th. This is our Annual fall fest, and will be run out of the Corydon Fire hall.

I would love to see a great turn out for this event, this is our season ending fun event / party, and it shows me how every one appreciates what we do all year. Show us how well we are doing by participating in this final event.

For more details e-mail me at tgmeans@earthlink.net or call me at (814) 362-1423. Entry forms are available on our website www.Kinzua-Outdoors.com

Thank you and congradulations to all,
Tom Means

 on: September 06, 2011, 01:55:38 PM 
Started by Tom Means - Last post by Tom Means
Kinzua Outdoors - Bradford Eagles Club hosts walleye Championships

This Saturday and Sunday September 10 - 11, Kinzua Outdoors - Bradford Eagles Club will be holding the 9th Annual Fairway Ford, Crescent Beer, Case Cutlery Walleye Championship on the Kinzua Reservoir.

Teams will be able to register for each day from 6:00 - 6:45 at Willow Bay. Entry fee is $110.00 per day, with each day paying out the top 5 and big fish.

Kinzua Outdoors will also be hosting the N.E.W.C. Walleye Championships at the same time. Teams wishing to compete in this event are encouraged to do so, and may register on Saturday morning as well. Entry fee for the N.E.W.C. Championship is $ 380.00, with pay outs each day including big fish, and overall prize money. The N.E.W.C. has over $2,400.00 added prize money being added to the overall awards.

You can download entry forms from www.Kinzua-Outdoors.com or from www.neweasternwalleyecircuit.com .

For more information contact Tournament Director - Tom Means at (814) 362-1423

 on: August 15, 2011, 07:53:18 PM 
Started by Tom Means - Last post by Tom Means
This Sunday Kinzua Outdoors is running their 2nd Annual Womans tournament.

The tournament is from 8-2 pm out of willow bay. We will be there at 7:00 am to register teams.

The event is a 9 fish event, with teams able to weigh 3 each of walleye, Yellow perch, white bass for a combined total.

Men are allowed to drive the boat to the fishing locations, but THE WOMAN ARE TO OPERATE ALL TROLLING MOTORS AND GAS TROLLING MOTORS. The men may assist in the deployment of the motors and starting them.

Women are to bait and remove the hooks from fish, unless a safety factor is involved then they may be assisted.

Guys remember this is their tournament, half the fun is going through what we go through, and being able to tell the stories afterwards.

Entry FEE:

There seems to be some confusion. This event is set up to help out a couple charities. There is no set amount they need to pay, the idea this year was to raise as much money as each team could for the charities. We had set a goal of $300.00 per team, and a minimum of $ 150.00 per team, but no team that makes an effort will be turned away.

To eliminate any confusion, we will say it is a $ 100.00 entry fee.

The idea is still the same to raise as much as you can. The top donation team will be recognized, but the others will not so as no one has to worry about how much they raised. I hope this makes it easier on all.

This is the womans tournament, we will do what ever you want!

Any questions give me a shout at 814-362-1423.


 on: August 08, 2011, 04:44:11 AM 
Started by stewcat66 - Last post by stewcat66
Congratulations you guys!!!!! We watched it all on the computer 6th place not to shabby!!! Seen some pics of you with your Eyes!! Great job!!!

 on: July 17, 2011, 08:03:34 PM 
Started by Tom Means - Last post by Tom Means
This past friday I headed to Barcellona to try to find some right fish for whom ever I would be taking in my boat for the wounded soldiers - Fishing with heroes weekend. Found two areas holding fish with the one holding around 7 pound average size fish.

On Friday evening before the dinner and Saturday morning I let every one know where I had found the fish, in case the other Charter guides needed a back up to their normal areas. Most guys were talking about fish they were working in the 65 - 80 ft range, I had found them in the 105' range. I was to say the least honored and suprised that they all believed me enough to show up, and it was fun having all the boats in sight working the same small area. My soldiers were able to do some ball busting with their superior on another boat that made for some interesting conversation afterwords in my boat.

Saturday I was honored to have two soldiers in my boat, and we had a great time. We were not even out of the harbor yet, and we were all laughing, and it felt like we had been fishing together for years.

I gave them the choice to target #'s of fish or big fish, and they agreed to go for the bigger ones.

The phone rang all day with captains looking for reports on how we were catching, which the soldiers thought was really cool. I involved them from the start teaching them how we would be doing everything, and even letting them make some decisions on how far out to put lines later in the day after teaching them what we were looking at on my Lowrance. They were great, and really got into watching the lowrance, letting me know every time they saw the bigger fish, what zone it was in, and weather it was feeding or not. They even got very good at setting up the tattle flags on my boards and reading the lite bites on them (when they wouldn't move the flag).

Fishing was a little slower than I would have liked, but was what I was expecting given the wind and bright moon the previous couple days.

In the end we brought in 9 keepers, would have weighed approx 34.5 - 35 lbs for a tourney. Lost two big fish, with one of them breaking my braid line (must have nicked it) and one dove when it saw the motor cutting the line betwen the hooks. We threw back 3 other legal fish and had another 7 or 8 come un hooked at the hookset (lite biters). We chose to throw the ones back because they were small and healthy enough to release, and this would keep our slots open in case we got into the big girls, we wouldn't have to quit. We also landed 3 sheep head, 1 white Bass,1 yellow perch, and 1 white perch.

At the end of the day I was getting ready to leave when I was totally suprised. The two soldiers came up to me with their commander and gave me the greatest gift I have ever gotten. They handed me thier flag that goes on their uniform, looked me straight in the eye and thank me for a special day, and wanted me to know that the gift was from the both of them, and it was from their heart. I began to become all choked up and trying to hide that their commander instucted me to always fly it forward, and explained the meaning of it to me. To say I was touched wouldn't come close to explaining the feeling I had, and the PRIDE AND HONOR I have for that special gift, Thank You!


Job well done, and to those who supported it Thank you as well.



Thank you again for the greatest gift!

Your Captain,

Tom Means

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